Friday, November 12, 2010

Movie Friday: The Hunt for Red October

Since visiting Russia 5 years ago (how has time passed so quickly?!?), I have been obsessed with Russian / Soviet things.  This movie was released at the very end of the Cold War.  I was 8 years old when today's featured movie was released.  I haven't seen it, but it is on my list to see.  As such, it made the list for Movie Friday.  With that list of actors (watch the trailer) who wouldn't want to watch it?

Have a great Friday!


  1. Oh yeah, that's a good one! I just checked... Not on Netflix Watch Instantly.

    If you like the story, then read the book. It's the first Tom Clancy wrote in his Jack Ryan series. If you like THAT book, there are about 3 months' worth of reading of more of them. :) Clancy is a raging conservative so liberal people generally hate him. At one point later in the series, Clancy gets fed up and kills off basically the entire federal government in a disaster and starts over - something many of us would like to do at times, the starting over part at least, not the killing.

  2. And do you realize you are closing in on 100 followers??


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