Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful 1952 Bedroom Set - CL Find

I found this amazingly beautiful mahogany / blond 1952 bedroom set the other day on CL.  The asking price for the whole set is $850...a little steep for my wallet, but still a beautiful piece of eye candy!

Here is some information from the seller:

this vintage bedroom set is in very very good condition....
comes with: bed, headboard, 2 side stands, highboy dresser, mirror, vanity, vanity stool
very nice vintage blond mahogany bedroom set and in super great condition, have to see to appreciate"

I had to make a couple of spacing corrections in the above quote, and correct the spelling of "blond" but the rest is word for word.  Just a note to all of you who might put ads up on CL: CHECK YOUR GRAMMAR!  ALL CAPS IS SHOUTING and rude.  If you want to sell your item, check what you have written in the ad...I am much more likely to buy from someone that sounds intelligent in their ad, or at least took the time to make it sound decent.  ("super great condition"?)

Okay, stepping off my soap box now...

2 more pictures for you to drool over:

Oh, one more tip...when you sell something, please clean all the extra personal items off before taking the picture...I want to see the item, not all the "extras" that you didn't clean up first.  I will have to say that I like that blue bedspread with the blond wood.

If you want to view the ad, you can see it here.

Yay!  It's Thursday!


  1. Hmmm, yes, the finish condition of the tops of these things is important. You don't want to get there, remove the puffy snowman and Victorian Village ceramic house only to discover the former owner, Aunt Minnie, used to have the habit of balancing her ciggys on the edge of these things, and then go off to remove her hair curlers while the ciggy burned all sorts of brown trails in the blond wood lol...

  2. wow, that is gorgeous! But, I like it more when people advertise the really cool vintage pcs as "old" and charge less than $50 because they think they're 'out of style'. :)

  3. WOW that is a beatiful bedroom suite! I would have to haggle on the price though :)

  4. I really like American of Martinsville, long ago when I was a furniture store buyer and before they went out of business, I toured their factory in NC and was really impressed with their attention to detail, especially in finishing. I love all the pieces to this set, but I doubt I'd use them together though, I'm not a "bedroom set" kind of guy.

  5. Im so retarded. I just emailed the seller and asked them where they got the bedspread. I love it.

  6. Lol - I'd say that bedspread has been around since probably the late 1980s judging by the color of the coordinating throw pillows...

  7. I like it! Nothing says 50's like blond!


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