Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Finds

Saturday I went to an estate sale, everything was auctioned off, including the house.  I have dreamed of owning that house for years.  It's a beautiful late 1930s or 1940s house, but I'm not sure what to call the style.  I failed to get a pic of it.  I'll try to go by and get one soon, the house is about 3 blocks from the Shack.  The house needed a lot of work, at the very least it needed new flooring in the whole house and paint.  4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, eat in kitchen, family room, fireplace in living room, two car garage, two story with 3/4 basement.  It sold for $48,000.  If I'd had any idea that it would have sold that cheap, I would have been up at the bank earlier this week to make loan arrangements.  Oh well, guess I'll stay put in the Shack.

Gnome? Dwarf? Not sure what to call these little men.  However, they are an authentic Russian matryoshka doll set.  They are stamped in Russian on the bottom and have the old price tag still on them.  This set has 7 dolls, from large to small.  Sets this large are not cheap.  When I went to Russia the set I bought was I believe 3 or 4 dolls.  I got these little guys for $1.50.

Two beautiful mid century paintings.  The first one, the calla lilies, is a vintage water color.  I think this will really go well with the vintage chair that I got at that estate sale a few weeks ago.  The second one is a vintage oil on canvas winter scene.  Both pieces have stickers on the back from being professionally framed.  I really like the frame on the winter scene.

This 1950 Marcelline Stoyke tray has three steins on it.  The colors are great.  It is really large.  I got it with three pieces of granite ware that I'm going to use for planting flowers in.  The tray and three pieces of granite ware cost a total of $2.

This old leg brace was in a bunch of stuff that I got when I somehow managed to buy the contents of a storage closet for $2.  I threw almost all of it away as soon as I got home - not interested in junking up the house again, so I just took the box of trash bags out to the curb and sorted it from the tailgate of the truck.  I kept just a few things.

Three old day planners, from 1938, 1939, and 1940.  The house at one point had belonged to one of the old time dentists here in town and then his daughter lived in the house until her death which was the cause for the auction.  These are the appointments for each person that came into the dentist office each of those years.  I can't wait to sit down with them and see if I can find the names of some people that I might know or might have known, or it family of someone that I know.  These also were found in the $2 closet.

Finally, Fickle Frankie was stuck in a box in that closet.  I think I'm going to find a little frame for him.

Have a great Monday!  It's the last week of school for me, and I have so much to get done still!


  1. The paintings are beautiful. I love the tray but the leg brace is creepy!

  2. $48,000? Holy smokes!! I don't think you can buy my garage for that!

    Funny how different property values are from place to place.

    But wow, great finds! I've resisted the temptation to buy a bunch of vintage paint by numbers and a pair of Calla prints. I have to wait, wait, wait to see what I have to hang already before I get more!

  3. The winter scene painting is lovely!

  4. I love going to estate sales, you can find the most amazing things... and um, sometimes the oddest things. I love doing both!



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