Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chevrolet 1952 - The Rainbow is Yours!

I always love these old sales videos.  "Yes, whatever Mr. and Mrs. America and their family want in motor car beauty and usefulness, they find in Chevrolet."

These old videos always make the post war era look so easy, happy, and carefree.  No wonder so many people are seeking to bring the 1950s into their homes, it brings back simpler times.

Have a great Tuesday!  1 1/2 days of school left after today!


  1. Yet again I ask, 'Why did they EVER stop making these?!' I nearly die everytime im reminded in 1954 you could buy a Sedan right of the lot for $1500.00 *sigh* 'Those were the Days'

  2. I'm ready to buy one. Kinda makes you want a time machine, doesn't it?


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