Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've Got a Confession to Make...

If I were living in the mid-century era, and I was furnishing my home, I would most likely not go with a "modern" theme of furnishings for my home.  I love my Heywood Wakefield bedroom set, but my true love is the beautiful mahogany wood Duncan Phyfe style.  I love the richness of the wood, and the formality of it.  I have always preferred dark wood, with mahogany being my favorite.  1950s blond furniture was fun, bright, and forward thinking.  Duncan Phyfe styles of the time were traditional, grounded in history.  I like that idea.  I love being surrounded by rich feeling things, and to me, nothing seems more rich than the beautiful and elegant Duncan Phyfe.  Surprised?  Maybe you are, maybe not, but you have seen my French Provincial sofa, and I love the simple elegance of it.

I'm sure that if I had a family room that it would have had more casual furnishings in it, but most likely it would still be dark wood.  Maybe you remember last fall when I posted pictures of the different furniture refinishing projects I tackled last summer.  All of them were refinished in mahogany.  All were more formal in style.

So, are any of you hiding the fact that you like the traditional side of mid-century, or am I standing alone here?

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. ah, your post reminds me of my dear mum. She too, loved Duncan Phyfe furniture. She had a number of tables, the 'pie crust' type, amy with glass on the top. Those tables were the bane of my existence as I was assigned dusting duty. Still, I love this style....thanks for the sweet reminder.

  2. I think the reason I like the "modern" mid-century style is because it's how we define it best today. Walk into a room and you can identify it as 1950's because of key elements. I personally like that.

    But as you know, Colonial Revival and darker woods etc were very popular back then. You've seen interior design books and mags from the time. There was very little "atomic" style back then, if at all.

    I say decorate the way YOU love best, regardless of what anyone else is doing. If you love it, then do it! Each of us mid-century lovers has their own unique way to express it. I like that too. =D

  3. For a large part of my antiques career, I had a store (with 15 employees) in western Maryland outside of DC that sold nothing but 40's and 50's mahogany traditional furniture. Shield back and lyre back dining room chairs, double pedestal tables, bow front buffets and sideboards, piecrust tables, serpentine chests and dressers, the whole lot. It was all fun for a long time and I can still appreciate the better pieces from that genre.

    I was ready for a change and sold that business, and made a switch to higher end, older stuff, mainly because I was ready for the challenge of learning about something new.

  4. I agree, I too favor traditional over atomic. Thats what I really like about the hinted formality of 1940's furniture, its simple but elegant.

  5. Oh heck, I like it all, but my family was completely traditional in the 50's and 60's--Mom just LOVED that awful Colonial stuff. I like nice traditional like Duncan Phyfe, Lane, etc. though. Plus it's easier and cheaper to furnish your home these days with traditional rather than atomic. I say, whatever floats your boat!!

  6. I've always enjoyed that style, too. In fact, we have quite a few Duncan Phyfe style pieces, unintentionally - we just like the lines and looks of it.


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