Friday, May 7, 2010

Movie Friday: That Darn Cat!

Today's movie is a classic Disney film from 1965.  Featuring Hayley Mills and Dean Jones, the story focuses on tracking down some bank robbers / kidnappers.  Of course "DC" (the cat) discovers the secret of their location in his wanderings, and Jones, an agent for the FBI, gets assigned to track the cat after the kidnapped lady puts her wristwatch around his neck. 

A great adventure, this was the last of six films that Hayley Mills made for Disney.  To discover more about this movie, please read the Wikipedia article here.

Have a great Friday!


  1. I just got Disney's "Monkeys, Go Home" with Dean Jones and Yvette Mimieux yesterday at a garage sale. Have you seen it? I'd never even heard of it! but we'll watch it (with popcorn) tonight!

  2. What a great movie! Also very time appropriate, Dorothy Provine Passed away this last week. When I hard it on the Huckabee Report (our equivilant of Paul Harvey Becuas ePaul is now dead...) He mentioned "That Darn Cat!" Im gonna have to see if I can find it to watch.

  3. This is a fun one; but then I get distracted every time they shoot a scene in the older sister's room because I NEED THAT LITTLE BLUE CLOCK ON THE NIGHTSTAND!!!


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