Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mystery Photo Revealed!

There were just a few of you that decided to put yourself out on a limb and take a guess as to what the mystery photo is.  For your review, here is the picture:

Here are the guesses:

Leah@StorybookRanch guessed "....I do believe it is pottery of some sort?!"

1950's atomic ranch house guessed "Looks like naugahyde... =)"

Melanie guessed "Very tough to see on my laptop screen, but I'm going to guess it's the side of a dresser or other wooden piece of furniture."

So, I am pleased to announce that one of the above guessers had a great guess!

Congratulations Leah!  It's this fun little green flower put / planter that once upon a time belonged to my grandma.  Grandad gave it to her with a little plant in it back in the 50s.  It really is quite small, and it can no longer hold a flower because it is cracked, but I still use it...I keep spare change in it!

I went to an amazing estate auction yesterday...spent more than I should have...hopefully I can share with you tomorrow some of the fun finds!

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