Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1970s Lamp

Today I'm taking a step toward the edge of the mid-century era.  I bought this lamp at the auction of a prominent local couple who were moving into a retirement village.  They built a large 4,000 plus square foot ranch-style house in 1970, and I believe that this lamp most likely dates to the time that the house was built.  It came out of the formal living room, I believe, as the shade matches the drapes that were in that room.  I bought this lamp because I really liked the brass and marble base.  The brass really has some great detailing in it.  I wasn't sold on the shade, and actually bought it with the intent of replacing the shade with a more simple drum shade.  Yes, the shade in the picture is velvet!  Now that I have lived with the lamp for a few months (I always like to do this before changing a vintage piece, because I might grow to appreciate it the way that it is) I think that the velvet shade is a keeper.  This lamp is huge, at least 3 feet tall, and must weigh at least 15 pounds.  I am sure that it was not cheap when it was new.

  I was able to purchase the greenish-gold drapes that match this from the new owner of the house, and I'm going to have them cut down to fit the bedroom windows in my spare bedroom.  Then, I want to paint the bedroom walls the "brassy" color that I have in my kitchen.  I think that it will really look great when it is all done.

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  1. Oooooh, I like it -- and the velvet shade, too. Hurray that you are keeping it. Have a great holiday.


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