Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Blind Side

I know that it isn't movie Friday, but I just saw the trailer for this movie on the internet and it looks like such a great, inspirational film.  I just had to share it with ya'll.  It really hits close to home with my desire to adopt someday.  I'm sure most of you probably have already seen previews for this, however, I am in a minority that does not have TV in my house.  Well, I have a TV, but only to watch movies on.  When I moved into the shack a few years ago, I was pinching pennies, so I didn't opt for cable, and since the digital conversion, I haven't been able to get any stations at all, even with my converter box and a supposedly high powered antenna.  I have actually found that I don't miss having the TV on all the time, sucking me into it's black hole.  Just wish that I could find out about the good movies a little sooner!  Thanks for bearing with me on this non-mid-century post!  I'll have another mid-century themed post in the morning.

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  1. Yep, that one's on my list too.

    We cut the TV feed on our cable a few months ago and do not really miss it. I still need the cable to work, and we have our "telephone" through the cable company, but other than that, we just use Netflix Watch Instantly or Hulu.

    I keep up with my movie news on :) I recommend it!


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