Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Finds!

This turned out to be a good weekend for vintage finds.  I spent my Saturday split between an auction in the morning, and the ReStore and some thrift shops in the afternoon.  The thrift shops were all duds, but I got some great finds at the auction and the ReStore!

First up:

I found this great little chrome and Formica "breakfast" table at the auction.  It was filthy, having been stored in a shed for years.  I scrubbed it down when I got home.  It has great speckled laminate, with white background and gold and brown (bronze?) glitter flecks.  The size is great and makes it versatile to use in many different spaces.  I'm hoping that my kitchen is big enough to use it as a small island when I get the kitchen finished.  The price? $1.

Next, at the ReStore, I found some vintage Christmas goodies!

All of these goodies were $4.  What a fun bargain!  The plastic bells are a lot of fun, but my favorites are the glass ornaments in the last picture.


  1. Did you say 1 dollar? Wow, would I love to have a little pink beauty like that. Great score.

  2. Those ornaments, especially the bell with the mistletoe in it, remind me of Christmas at my Grandma Curchill's house on the farm between Mansfield and Ava. Great find! Stan


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