Friday, November 6, 2009

The Trouble With Angels

It's Friday, and I am in the mood for a great movie.  Today's movie of choice (once I get home from work) is The Trouble With Angels.  This 1966 movie features Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell.  Mills, sent to St. Francis Academy so that the nuns could straighten her out, and Russell, who plays Mills' nemesis, the Reverend Mother.  This is a great care-free movie, sure to raise your spirits in a way that no modern movie can.  Apparently this whole movie has been uploaded to YouTube.  I recommend ordering the DVD, personally.  Have a great Friday!


  1. Rosalind Russell took on some pretty weird parts sometimes--I much prefer her talking fast in her "smart dame" movies. And her turn in "Gypsy" was one of my all-time favorites. HOWEVER, I was a big Hayley Mills fan and have always loved "The Trouble With Angels" (as well as "Parent Trap" and "Pollyanna"). Thanks for reminding me about these two wonderful actresses!

  2. I love this movie too. Hayley Mills was great in it.

  3. What a "scathingly brilliant idea" putting up this funny film! We have a family tradition called cheese night where we get together with friends, try a recipe (with cheese) from one of my vintage cookbooks, and watch a cheesy fun film!


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