Sunday, November 8, 2009

Glitter Popcorn Ceilings

This weekend brought me to my sister's house for an early Thanksgiving family dinner.  My sister's house was built in the early to mid 1970s, a little out of the mid-century era, but still with some interesting touches.  One of my favorite things in her house is the ceiling.  To the best of our knowledge, it hasn't been painted since the house was built.  It is a popcorn ceiling, which usually isn't my taste, but I really like this one.  The paint used on the ceiling has glitter in it.  When the light shines on it, the sparkle effect is amazing.  However, if the light isn't right, they just look like black specks as you can see in the above photo.  Does anybody know what the process is to create a glittered ceiling like this?  You can see some of the sparkle in the last photo.


  1. I don't know what the process is but I did see a glitter popcorn ceiling for the first time recently. I'm in the market for a house and the property I saw was built in 1960--very much midcentury. The ceiling was slanted and encompassed three living areas. A dropped ceiling was added at one point (very ugly). I lifted a few of the tiles and noticed the original surface. I'm not a fan of popcorn ceilings either but in the context of the original structure I would want to preserve it. I wonder if the space race had any influence on this type of ceiling--a fake sky in your living room.

  2. Our home has glitter popcorn ceilings in the main living areas. It seems to have been an add on to the original. Sometimes it's pretty (at night when it sparkles). But,it is NOT fun to touch up spots as needed...

    I'm not positive on the technique exactly, but it may involve a 'sprayer' or some sort.

  3. One of my childhood homes (circa 1968) had the glitter popcorn ceiling. I remember as a 5 year old staring at my bedroom ceiling and tripping out on the patterns, forming shapes, faces, and creatures out of them. Memories!

  4. Hi Michael, If I am not mistaken, the glitter was added to the paint? But I could TOTALLY be wrong on that...I have been before, haha:)


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