Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Vintage Glasses

Here are the glasses that I found on my spur-of-the-moment antique / flea market shopping spree last week.  First is this set of six glasses.  They have a great mid-century feel to them and the bright colors really make them more fun and interesting.  Judging by the design, I would say they are mid-century, but they are in such great shape that the may be newer.  Maybe they were just a set that was put away and never got used.  Anyway, the tag on them called them "sea anemone" which I think is correct for the design.  I got all six glasses for $5.

Next, I found this pair of fun glasses, appropriate for this time of the year, with the falling leaf design.  The leaves are turquoise, white, and the bottom one is hard to see, but it is black.  Each glass has three frosted panels with three leaves on it.  I really like the way the glass is frosted around the leaves, it makes them stand out even more.  Two glasses for $1.50.

Last, but not least, is this fun glass that practically screams "mid-century!"  The atomic(?) design is so much fun, and the turquoise and gold really go well together.  This poor little guy was all by himself, the lone survivor.  He was the most expensive of them all, $1.


  1. I wish I could find these kind of glasses in Az - just doesn't seem to happen!

  2. I want that last glass REALLY bad! Well, ok, you can keep it but it really does scream atomic--it reminded me of a glass I have but mine doesn't have turquoise, which ups the "ooo la la" factor. Good finds!!!

  3. The last glass: Made by Federal Glass called Amoeba, sometimes referred to as Boomerang. We have a gorgeous set of these that we scored last year for our turquoise and yellow vintage kitchen!


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