Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unforgettable, That's What You Are...

I have felt really guilty today (Monday).  I just realized this morning that I forgot the anniversary of the death of my Granny this year.  Granny passed on November 13, 1996.  She was an amazing woman, who lived practically her whole life on a farm.  She was an amazing cook!  I still crave her peanut butter cookies.  It's so hard to believe that she has been gone 13 years.  Where has the time gone?  That's me in the above picture, with Granny at my second birthday party in 1984.  I'd like to know how old that dress is, because she was still wearing it 12 years after this photo, when she passed away.  That amazing woman lived for years in a farmhouse with no plumbing, only living in two rooms on the first floor because the rest of the house didn't have heating.  She heated the kitchen with a wood stove, and the living room / bedroom had a Warm Morning stove in it.  She used to haul water in a bucket from an outside rural water pump by the kitchen door.  I'll never forget using the outhouse, the chamber pot in the winter, the wash on the line, and going out to visit on Saturday mornings in the summer and seeing her baking for the week in pans all over the top of her car, covered with tea towels while the bread and rolls would rise in the sunlight.  Sometime around 1989 or so my parents purchased a mobile home for her and had it placed in the garden.  I don't know if she knew what to do with central air conditioning, central heat, indoor plumbing, or even having a washer and dryer.  She must have been on cloud nine!  Even with the dryer, she usually hung the laundry out on the line.  I miss you Granny!  With love <3, Michael David.

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  1. Lovely post. I still miss my gran greatly even though she died in 1987. So I totally hear where you're coming from.


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