Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brand New Retro Style Fiberglass Lampshades

A couple of days ago I blogged on my new lamp that I added a vintage shade to.  This brought up discussion from Vintage Christine about places that sell these shades new today.  My searching has turned up three resources, all of which I am going to share today.

First of all, I must thank Pam at Retro Renovation.  I checked her blog as I remembered discussion on these shades on her blog quite some time back.  The first resource comes from her blog.  You can see her original post here.

Meteor Lights offers these shades, which you can custom order in any color combination you choose.  They offer tiered, atomic tiered, drum, cone, square, and sconce lampshades.  You'll need to check out their site to see photos of all the different styles.  They even offer a shade selector to help you create the perfect shade for your home.  Prices start at $40 for a shield sconce shade and run up to $135 for an extra-large atomic 3 tier lampshade.

The second resource I have found is Moon Shine Lamp & Shade.  This site also allows you to custom create your own shade.  They have similar styles to Meteor Lights, plus several other styles.  Pricing is similar to those of Meteor Lights as well.  One thing I really like about this site, which I will need to keep in mind, is that you can also custom create your own retro lamp.  Most of them are priced without shades, which could make a complete set somewhat pricey, but they would make the perfect addition if you are unable to find a vintage lamp for your room.  This company also reproduces 1950s style fiberglass chairs - think bowling alley, and hair pin legs, among other things.  I am seeing future blog posts to be able to share all of the great things they have!

Finally, I ran across Deadly Nightshades.  This site features hand-tied and hand-dyed reproduction fiberglass lampshades.  They offer similar styles to the above listed sites, but they also have some unique designs as well.  Prices at all three sites are similar.  One thing that I really liked about this site is that if you are feeling crafty, you can order a lamp shade kit, where they will supply you with all the materials to create your own shade.  These do-it-yourself kits are really a great value, especially if you have a little time available to put it together.  They also offer fiberglass by the yard, if you have a vintage shade that needs to be refreshed.  This company also has a few vintage lamps for sale.  I really love this chartreuse lamp they currently have available for only $40!

All three sites offer great shades with some similar styles and some unique styles, so be sure to check them all out before making your selection.  Pricing is similar at all of the sites.  If you get a shade from any of these places, let me know how they turn out!

Lastly, I would like you to know that I have no affiliation with any of the above listed sites.  I wanted to share after Christine inspired me into doing some research on the subject, and hopefully make it easier for people to find these resources.

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  1. You are wonderful! I love doing this kind of research but it's REALLY great when someone else does it for me--and you learn bunches more in the process, too. I misidentified my shade--now I know it's fiberglass which I'm not sure I can fix BUT I still think it's fixable (husband . . .). Since I only paid $5.00 each for the white lamps and $2.99 for the new deer lamp I've got a few $$ to play with for new shades. Now the problem will be WHICH ONE! You're a peach!!!!!!!


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