Thursday, November 19, 2009

Zenith Clock Radio

I love the color combination on this Zenith Model G516 clock radio.  The blue with the gold trim is perfect.  The white plastic case is fairly typical for the time period.  Another piece to put on the display shelving (I have now run out of space for any more, I need to think about getting more shelving somewhere).  This was another find a couple of months ago at the fall city wide garage sale.  I don't believe that anything on this one works, but for the $1 that I paid for it, I think it makes a great display piece!

My radio collection is growing faster than I can share them with you.  I have another one that is being shipped to me right now, and found a couple of others at an off-the-beaten-path antique mall a few weeks ago.  My collection of antique radios (including my consoles) is pretty close to 30.  I think I may have lost count again!


  1. So pretty! I'll bet it really dressed up someone's bedroom way back when.


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