Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogging Blahs...

Do you ever get those blogging blahs?  Feel like your creativity has run out?  Don't know what to do next?  I know that some of you have, I've read your posts about it!  The most recent one was by Miss 1950's Atomic Ranch House just yesterday.  I have great visions for my blog, but I'm still working out in my mind how to make it what I envision.  I am getting really tired of the "look what I bought" posts.  I like my finds, but the posts seem to get really repetitive when I'm writing them. 

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere!  I'll still be doing my (almost) daily posts.  I love reading everybody's blogs, even though I don't comment a lot of the time.  Please know that even though I may not comment does not mean I didn't enjoy the post.  I just may not have anything to say.

Be sure to stay tuned next week, as I have something exciting that I'm going to announce!

I wonder if any Vitameatavegamin would help my blogging blahs?  It probably wouldn't hurt!

Have a great Thursday!  Where has this week gone?  Christmas will be here before we know it!


  1. I was just thinking of that very episode of Lucy yesterday!

    I have the blogging blahs too. Not been very creative lately and feeling a bit meh, so not too many posts. I chalk it up to PMS and the end of summer blues.

    Maybe Autumn will perk us up!

  2. Some thoughts:

    1. Well, you can't have an adorable new nephew to blog about EVERY day.

    2. Sometimes those "lookie what I bought" posts, or other posts you can get sick of, can be very helpful in years to come. Imagine this: Two years from now you sell one of those things for $40,000,000. You need to write off the original cost (20 cents) on your taxes - but you cannot remember where you bought it, or when, or for sure if it was 20 cents or 15 cents. Bingo! Check the blog! There it is, back in the summer of 2010. You can take the writeoff now and reduce your tax burden by a nickel (assuming it was 15 cents and you are in a 33% tax bracket - it might be as high as 8 cents if you are in a lower bracket).

    See? Blogging is useful even when you have the blahs.

  3. Don't you know we love seeing those "look what I got!" posts? I wish I had more time to blog--I love doing it and I hope what I write is of interest to others BUT I'm mainly writing it for my personal enjoyment. Plus I learn a great deal, like today when I wrote about Pensacola FL, or when I dig into my family history after finding an old photo. I have my blog printed into a book every six months, too, which you might think about doing--then you can share with family and friends who don't normally read it. Keep it up Michael--we love ya!

  4. Yes, Michael, we all get the blogblahs! As Christine said, we are in it for different reasons but should like doing it. Yours are very enjoyable, sir.

  5. me too, I also have the blogblahs! Maybe it's seasonal? I always read anyway and I love 'what I bought posts'!

  6. Just post a SOMETHING every few days, that's what I do even if I can't think of anything clever to say.

    If all else fails, ask your viewers to talk about themselves or about a fav vintage item or collection or something. Ask their opinion on something. My viewers always have fantastic advice and cool things to share as well.

    I have a *sort* of idea where to take mine next. You'll be able to see if it works or not! If not, I will try, try again lol...

  7. Discovered your blog a few weeks ago - it's great! I'm a new principal after teaching for 24 years - congrats on choosing a challenging and nobel profession - truly important and underappreciated and undervalued. What grade level are you? I'm thinking your students are fortunate to have you as a teacher.

    I've enjoyed following all your finds. I have what I thought is an amazing Pyrex collection in my 1948 home. I think you've got me beat!

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Whoops! A principal should know how to spell - NOBLE. Congrats on the new nephew, too!

  9. Hi Anonymous! I teach Title I Reading, working with kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade. I love my job, and can't imagine my life without my students.

  10. Let's see if I have this right now - will it post as Shiny Brite Collector? We'll see!

  11. I don't know why I'm not getting this! I deleted my post (above 10:34 pm) because it didn't have my 'posting name'! It deleted the post but not the incorrect sign-in. Gosh do I feel stupid!

    ANYWAY - Really great blog! I've been reviewing your old posts. You've gathered and collected some awesome things. As my CORRECT sign-in says, I collect Shiny Brites. I checked a local antique store today after Church - no Shiny Brites but I did get a vintage dry cleaner hanger (laundry room) and an old clear red cookie cutter for my mom. I have enough ornaments for about seven big trees but keep buying. They're just too cool.

    Like I said, I collect Pyrex, too. I've learned a lot from your blog and Pyrex Collective, too. I admire your commitment to keeping your house 'era appropriate'. I finally gave in and remodeled so i have a 1948/2010 'hybrid'. I tried to keep the mood of the 1948 house with 2010 updates. Nothing worse than a '70s update on an older home. So far, I think I've been fairly successful.

    Keep up the great work on sharing your finds and the good work with your students. I'll keep enjoying your blog!

  12. Hey shiny Brite Collector, I deleted the comment that you mentioned above. On Blogger, the poster can delete the comment, but the blog owner has to remover the poster information. Thanks for the positive comments and support!


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