Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Pyrex...

I would like to thank 1950's Atomic Ranch House for getting me addicted to eBay once again.  Grrr....

Anyway, I am a cheap eBay shopper, so while I have picked up a few pieces of Pyrex lately, I don't get them unless the combined purchase and shipping price is very reasonable.

I purchased this lot of 4 Pyrex pieces through the Buy-It-Now option for $6.50, and the shipping on the whole lot was less than $10.  Most sellers want $10 to ship a single piece.

All I really wanted was the Dandelion Duet divided dish, the other pieces were just a bonus.  I also got a Shenandoah 474-B casserole along with two 441 1 1/2 pint Cinderella style mixing bowls in the Homestead pattern.  Homestead isn't one of my favorites, but they'll be fine for daily kitchen use!

Why don't the dandelions that grow in my yard look this good?


  1. Ha ha just when you think: "OK, I'm done spending money on eBay" you find something you just HAVE to have! =D

    But it's a buyers market, there are cheap and inexpensive deals to be found, that's for sure.

    Love the dandelion pattern! =)

  2. How on earth did the seller ship all that (safely) for under ten buckaroos!? Wow!

  3. Rock and roll on the cheap pyrex. Awesome. Isn't Miss A great?!


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