Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Would Like To Introduce...

my beautiful new nephew, Cody!

Yesterday was a very exciting day!  My little sister and her husband had their first child, a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations Megan and Doug!  Of course, Uncle Mike might be just a little proud as well!

He was born while I was at work, and I'll be danged if I was going to let a little thing like work stand in the way of seeing my new nephew.  I took half a personal day and left at noon.

So, Cody brings me up to being an uncle for the 8th time...and still no kids of my own...  I'm sure that it will happen some day!  Although, being an uncle is great - I get to play with them all I want, and send them home when I get tired!


  1. Cody is a beautiful baby! Is that red hair I see there?

    Congratulations on being an uncle again. Oh yes, being an uncle (or an aunt) is great - you get to let them do all the stuff they aren't allowed to do at home, get them all sugared up, then send them home again. It's like grandparenting without all the responsibility and minus the arthritis that might keep you from climbing trees with them or taking them canoeing.

  2. Congratulations! Look how little!

  3. Congratulations Uncle! Beautiful baby indeed.

  4. congratulations uncle! he's so cute! so tiny!


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