Monday, September 13, 2010

Planters and Pyrex...Oh My!

I was talking to one of my fellow teachers last week when she mentioned that she had a flea market booth where she was selling off the stuff of her parents that nobody else in the family wanted.  I asked if by chance there was any Pyrex among their stuff, and she said that there were some pieces.  So, after work on Friday, I rushed over to the nearby little town to visit the flea market that she had her booth in.  From the moment that I walked in I was like a kid in a candy store!  Lots of great stuff, all really cheap!  And, as such, I am keeping the name and location of this place confidential, 'cause it's MINE ALL MINE!!!  :)

I found four different planters in the store that I wanted (I could have brought home a lot more, but I was restraining myself).  They ranged in price from 50 cents to $1.  From left to right, in the above photo: Floraline (by McCoy) pedestal planter, Haeger round green cylinder planter, gold planter - simply marked USA on the bottom, and a white USA planter.

Then there was the Pyrex (and a piece of Glasbake).  I almost picked up a piece from a company I had never heard of, and if it's there the next time I go, I may still pick it up - the company marking on the bottom was "Maid of Honor".  I found 2 "Maid of Honor" pieces, and one of them looked like a Federal Glass piece, and the other looked like a piece of Glasbake.  Has anybody ever heard of "Maid of Honor"?  I'm wondering if they weren't a company that sold items manufactured by other brands under their name, such as a company brand for Sears or Montgomery Wards.  I don't know, that's just an idea.

I now most definitely have enough divided dishes!  From the top down, an Opal Pyrex 1 1/2 quart #1063 divided dish.  This piece is a different shape than most Pyrex divided dishes.  I have found through my research only Opal and Delphite Pyrex divided dishes in this style.  I have not found any with decoration in this style.  Second from top is a Town & Country divided dish.  Third down is a turquoise Snowflake divided dish.  Finally, on the bottom is a Glasbake Currier and Ives divided dish.  Unfortunately, none of the pieces came with lids.

I also found a Verde divided dish (2 actually) with their original lids for $3.75 and $3.95 (2 different booths).  I felt like I had enough however, so I left them for someone else.

Here's a photo to show the difference in the Opal Pyrex shape from the standard Pyrex divided dish shape:

The Opal dish is on the bottom, and you can clearly see the difference in the shape of the handles.

So, how much did I spend?  $12 before tax! Ha Ha Ha!


  1. " I'm wondering if they weren't a company that sold items manufactured by other brands under their name, such as a company brand for Sears or Montgomery Wards. I don't know, that's just an idea."

    Exactly. In fact they didn't just do glass. Other housewares too. I know there's cast iron cookware marked Maid of Honor.

    I would suspect Monkey Wards as the culprit. They loved to do this.

  2. Maid Of Honor cookware was made by Presto for Sears--apparently the pressure cookers they made are sought after as well as parts. You should def. go back and get the item since it's vintage. I prefer the narrower handles on the Pyrex.

  3. Vintage Christine: Thanks for the info! I regularly see Maid of Honor dishes but can never find anything about those.


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