Monday, September 27, 2010

What A Weekend!

This weekend was our fall citywide garage sale.  That's right.  We have two each year.  Spring and Fall.  Both are exciting days!  There were also two estate sales this weekend, and you know that I love a good auction!

First up, I have added members 3 and 4 to my Mixmaster family.  The stand mixer on the left is the most complete one I have come across yet.  Both bowls, the juicer attachment and bowl are all there.  $2!  I also got the fun little chrome Mixmaster Junior hand held mixer.  $1.

This Pyrex addiction is going to have to stop somehow.  Approximately $30 this weekend got me 11 pieces of Pyrex.  I've written a more complete post about all of the pieces that I picked up over at The Pyrex Collective if you want to know details on individual pieces.

Two Hull planters (left and center) and a Haeger planter.  I have a few Haeger pieces in this green color now.  I think it's so soothing.  ($2 each)

Some more planters!

Two great pieces of turquoise Club Aluminum.  Who could pass up that color?  $5 for the set.

Three Fire King baking dishes in Cornflower Blue.  $6.

Lastly, some odds-n-ends.  6 Fire King mugs, a Hazel Atlas liquor measuring cup, a clear glass chip and dip set, and a pink and brown creamer that still has it's original sticker on it from Winart Pottery in Miami (pronounced "Miamah") Oklahoma.  $3 for the mugs, $2 for the chip and dip set.  The other things were a quarter each.

If you haven't signed up for my Pick Your Prize Give-away, you can still do so here!


  1. Michael, don't stop buying Pyrex, that's not the solution. Just get a bigger Shack. :)

    I love your new Mixmaster 7B! The little chrome one is cute too but I just love those 7Bs.

    Word verification word today: Lickbo.

  2. What awesome finds! I'm heading over to the Collective right now to get some more details on the Pyrex!

  3. Holy smokes!!! That was a HAUL! Where do you put it all?

  4. Wow! Great finds this weekend for you! You're gathering quite the collection of Hull and Haeger. Are you familiar with Royal Copley? I have several pieces. It would be a great addition to your mid-century home!

  5. What amazing deals! Cant wait for our local fall CWG!


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