Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Finds (Another Look At What I Found Post)

 Wow!  77 followers!  Welcome to all the new folks!

I was excited to attend an estate sale here in town yesterday.  There were two sales within 15 miles of each other, so the attendance at this auction was a little light.  Good news for me, better bargains!  There was a lot of junk at this sale, so the auctioneers were putting lots of stuff together to make a lot and selling that way.  If you wanted something separate, you just asked them to pull it out, and they sold it by itself.  I did this several times, as I already have enough to haul the 45 miles to the nearest thrift shop.  The auction company that had this sale is my absolute favorite.  Three generations of my family have attended their sales, and my grandfather passed away before I was born.  The younger generations have started taking over the auctioneering, and one of the original auctioneers has passed away.  My favorite part is that you don't get a buyer number with them, you use your last name.

I had a great time at the sale until the daughter of the owner started taking stuff out of the sale because things weren't selling for enough.  I finally had it when she started running up bids on people so that they could get more money.  She did this to me when I was bidding on a couple of chairs that were desperately in need of reupholstering, but had good frames and wood trim (they were going to go with the French Provincial sofa in my living room).  I had enough at this point, told the auctioneer that if the family wanted to run up the bids on people the family could keep the chairs, asked the clerk for my total, paid and left.

So, what did I get before I got upset and left?

I absolutely love this vintage Seth Thomas electric mantle clock.  Model #701-000, it has Westminster chimes in it.  The clock runs, but is a little noisy (I am going to take it to the local clock repair shop and have it oiled) however the chimes are not working (I'm going to have the clock shop look into this as well).  This little beauty was a steal at $10.

Isn't this cart great?  It folds up when you aren't using it!  The sticker on the bottom calls it the "Versa Table".  $2.

Beautiful cake carrier.  Needs a good washing.  I think that I gave $4 for this one.  (As the auctioneer sells using your last name, they also don't use the little carbon copy receipt things.  They record everything in a notebook, so I don't know what each piece sold for unless I wrote it down or I remember for certain.  This is the only piece of the day that I'm not certain about.)

Anybody have a suggestion as to what the pattern on these glasses might be called?  They make me think of India.  $2 for the set of 6.

Hull pink footed planter, has gray lip with turquoise interior along with white speckles over the whole piece.  $2.  The little bird planter on the right isn't marked, but I love the colors on it.  $2.

The above piece is marked Royal Haeger by Royal Hickman number R071.  It's somewhere around 12 inches long and 5 inches wide.  Not sure if it is a planter or what it's use is.  I was sold on the shape and the brown color with the green around the lip.  $2.

I am in love with the great blue color of these glasses!  There are 11 of them in all.  They are marked "Gelado" on the bottom, along with "Brazil".  Anybody know anything about these?  They remind me of jelly jar glasses. $2.

There are 7 of these little flowered juice glasses.  Too bad the 8th one is no longer with them.  $2 (along with a large box full of other stuff that has already been sorted out for the thrift shop).

These antique photographs are dated 1905, and the mats have been hand dated along with the name of the location of the photo.  I love the way these have a vintage, yet contemporary feel to them.  $2 (noticing a trend here?).

This poor old kitchen cart has seen a lot of use over the years.  I'm fairly certain it has spent several years in a shed now.  I just wanted it for my garage.  When I got it home and got to looking at it closer, I discovered that it is really old.  Older than mid-century in my opinion.  The style is pre-mid-century, and look at those little wheels!  They're wooden!  This one is going on the list of things I need to restore. $2 (bet ya couldn't have guessed that, huh?).

Finally, I got one piece of Pyrex.  This 2.5l casserole dish in the Homestead pattern.  All I ever find is the Homestead pattern in blue, so I was shocked to find a piece in brown.  It even has it's original lid, which makes it even better.  Has a rust stain on the back that I need to work on cleaning off, but it will be great for everyday use. $2 (had to get it in one last time :P)

There's another estate sale in town today.  Haven't decided if I'm going to it yet or not.  I would like to, but my sister and brother-in-law are bringing the baby over for church and then Mom is fixing dinner, so we'll just have to wait and see.  Have a great Sunday!


  1. Great finds, Michael. Love that fold-up cart and the brown pyrex pattern. I've been helping my two kids find furnishings for the apartment they've gotten together (two more retro lovers in the making.) I realize I haven't given them any pyrex or any planters. Heaven forbid! I need to do something about that.

  2. MICHAEL!! *screaming*

    I just bought 6 of those maybe-India tumblers at my favorite thrift store after looking at them for several weeks.

    And how irritating is it that a) the daughter bid up the stuff and b) the auctioneer let her get away with it. Grrr.

  3. That Royal Heagar pice is a planter! Remeber the black Impala planter i got a while bakc for $10?! It was RH too! those blue glasse are GREAT, dont ya love it when you get a lot in a set like that! All your weekend haul is good, it stinks though that the lady was running up the prices. but oh well you got some great finds!


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