Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mystery Box

I want to give a very special Thank You to Mick from Everyone Goes To Mick's.  I came home last night to find a mystery box on my stoop.  A bright and colorful postcard on the top immediately let me know that it's from Mick and the Casablanca.  So, I rush in, get the scissors and my camera, and get to work.  I did manage to have enough restraint to get a picture of the package before opening it.

Inside I found a great note from Mick congratulating me on my year of blogging, along with some blog birthday gifts and a "wish you were here" postcard showing the beautiful lake that the Casablanca is on.

After reading my post on looking for a vintage ice bucket last Thursday, Mick sent me a beautiful Lucite gold glitter ice bucket with lid.  It's amazing, and just what I had in mind when I wrote the post!  He also sent me a blue and a green Fire King mug in the Kimberly pattern that I love so much.  Don't the bright colors of those mugs make you want to smile?

I couldn't restrain myself, so I immediately got out the box of little glass cups and filled it up!  I love the way that they sparkle through the transparent Lucite.

Here it is all filled up!  Thanks so much Mick!  I have the best blogging friends.  I never would have guessed a year ago that I would make so many wonderful friends through this blog.

Speaking of the 1 year birthday of the blog, today is the last day that you can enter my Pick Your Prize Give-away, so if you haven't entered, you better do it now!


  1. Wow, we love Mick!

    Great display idea, it turned out fantastic!

  2. Sooooooo amazing! I love gold glitter lucite!!! Lucky girl! I need one of these now, too!

    Dollie D.

  3. Those little glass cups look great in there! Nice.

  4. Im so glad you like it! When I read you were looking for an ice bucket I just KNEW that one would be perfect gold specks and all :)


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