Monday, September 20, 2010

Two Auctions In One Weekend!

How did I get so lucky?  Yesterday I posted the things that I managed to get at the sale I attended Saturday.  Today I have a few things to share that I got yesterday.  I got more than is posted here, but they're a secret for a while.  :)

The sale bill listed Pyrex.  So, I went, I looked, I discovered, I conquered the other bidders, and I brought it home with me!

Two Butterprint Cinderella style mixing bowls.  I finally have a dishwasher piece!  I have actually been looking for a mixing bowl set that someone has ruined in the dishwasher for me to use on a daily basis and be able to throw in the dishwasher myself.  If someone else has ruined it, I won't feel bad about putting it in the dishwasher!  The large bowl is a 4 quart number 444 and is in really good shape.  The smaller bowl is a 2 1/2 quart number 443, and if you don't hold it up to the light, you would never know that it had ever been a Butterprint bowl.

I got three clear glass bowls in different shades of blue.  These are newer pieces, marked Oven and Microwave safe.  The small bowl is 1 Liter, the medium bowl is 1.5 Liters, and the large bowl is 2.5 Liters.  I paid $7 per set for the mixing bowls.

I also got a great 9 cup Pyrex coffee percolator.  It has all it's original parts.  Too bad I don't drink coffee!  $5.

Continuing with bowls, I got an iridescent white Federal Glass serving bowl for $2.

This Homer Laughlin platter was a fun find for $2.  Trying to figure out the pattern name for it.  I browsed through nearly 1,400 eBay listings last night to try to find it.  No luck.  Anybody out there able to identify this pattern?  The only good that searching eBay did was to make me want to find platters in many of the great mid-century designs that Homer Laughlin made.  I have several platters now, and the only time that they really get used is when it is my Sunday School class' month to take cookies to church.  I take a different platter or two of treats each week.  I also used one of my favorite atomic themed platters (it's a large roundish one) for the birthday cake that I made Mom.

I loved the shape of this tea kettle.  It is copper (which needs polished badly) and is marked on the bottom "Made in Holland".  $3.

Finally, I may be saving the best for last.  I found a great TV lamp.  This swan is in perfect condition.  It has it's original sticker on the back, identifying the manufacturer as "Maddux of California".  $7.  There are several of these on eBay right now in the same price range, but at least I didn't have to pay shipping! 

Have a wonderful Monday!  I hit 78 followers last night!  I'm on cloud nine!  Welcome!


  1. 1. Great on the percolator. Make coffee in it for someone else, just once, to watch it work, it's really fun. Then sell it for at least $40.
    2. I have that same HL pattern with the pretty yellow flowers and have never been able to ID it, either. It has a 1920s feel to me, though I may be wrong.
    3. Repeat after me: We do not polish vintage copper. The patina is part of the beauty of it.

    What fun! I like seeing your auction finds because I save a lot of money that way, not having to actually buy anything myself. Keep it up.

  2. Yes, I totally agree with Maria--don't polish that beautiful copper kettle! Isn't it amazing how a dishwasher can completely destroy stuff--but now at least you have an old bowl that YOU can put in the dishwasher and not worry about it. Auctions are so much fun and the deals are almost always fabulous.

  3. What a motherlode! Got to get back to the auction cycle.

  4. Hey Michael... I unearthed my Homer Laughlin pieces that I said were like your platter. Turns out they're not. Same form, same platinum edging, just slightly different flowers. I have been caught out on this one before because at a quick glance they are very similar. I did find two dinner plates in your pattern here:

    My pattern is this one:

    I have a big platter, a round (actually octagonal) serving bowl and a gravy boat. I keep wanting to sell them but then I look at them again and don't. I'm weak. WEAK, I tell you. What good will all this stuff do me in the Coming Zombie Apocalypse, anyway? :)


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