Saturday, September 11, 2010

May We Never Forget

Where were you on that fateful day?  I was in college, I  remember it being a Tuesday morning, and I was sleeping in, when Dad came in and told me that we had been attacked.  Even in my college classes that day, all we did was watch the news.  All projectors were turned to news channels and the big screens in each classroom were lowered.  We all sat in stunned silence.

Then there was the run on the gas stations.  News reached us that refineries had been shut down, and there was a rush on the gas stations.  We sat in lines 2 plus blocks long to fill up our tanks while we could still get gas.

Please note, this final video will be difficult to watch.

God Bless you all.

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  1. I feel sick just thinking about it. We were in London at the Greenwich Observatory when we heard a tour guide talking to some American tourists about something terrible that had happened. I sensed it was so horrible that I didn't even want to ask. When we got down to the high street, the evening papers were in the newspaper boxes and I couldn't believe what they were reporting. We went into a pub for dinner and apart from the TV which was broadcasting BBC coverage of the attacks, you could hear a pin drop. Even though I'm Canadian, I felt American right then. I remembered going up the World Trade Centre and thought about all the people who lost their lives and those that were left behind to live in grief. It seems like yesterday.

    Thanks for the post. We'll never forget.


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