Thursday, September 23, 2010

Display Dilemma

I have a box full of things that are very dear to me.  Somewhere between 200 and 300 little things that are very dear to me.  My dilemma is how to display these little things.  What are they, you may ask?  They are communion cups.  When I was a child, we took communion at church from these very cups.  We now use plastic cups, as these little boogers take a while to wash and put away.  A couple of years ago my church had a silent auction, and I snatched these up, along with several other things.  I love these cups, but I have absolutely no idea how to best display them.  Do I need to display hundreds of them? No.  Do I want to display hundreds of them? No.  I have an idea, but I would like your input, and ideas from you all for a solution.  I feel confident that if we all put our retro loving heads together, we can find a solution!

My idea:  I would like to find a fun mid-century clear glass ice bucket (preferably one with some type of great retro design...and maybe a lid.  Would that be too much to ask?).  I think filling the glass ice bucket with these would make the ice bucket look like it has ice in it, and be a great way to showcase these fun vintage communion cups.  I don't think that the cups have any real value other than my sentimental value.  There are a few different styles and I would like to include examples of each style in the display.

A second idea:  Find a glass tea pot or maybe an old Pyrex coffee pot that is missing it's inner workings.

Now, what do you think?  Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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  1. Would an ice bucket strike someone as a little irreverent?

    Maybe that doesn't matter. Anyway, how about a clear glass pedestal cake stand with a dome cover, like this: You could stack the communion cups in it in intricate pyramids. And if you're worried about knocking them all flying, use a teeny bit of hot glue to hold them in place.

  2. Psh- Irreverent, We Methodists Just have more fun!

    I like the Ice bucket idea!
    But I gotta say Mike, when I was scrolling through the blog posts today and saw your picture of the little glasses I thought "Well how about that, he didnt strike me as a party animal" Haha

  3. These are great to have! I would attach/glue them somehow to an old window frame with the panes in. And place it in one of your windows to catch the sun. Crazy? Probably but they would look good all together in a window. Just saying.....


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