Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back to the Junk Shop

I noticed as I was coming back into town this afternoon that the little shop on the square where I keep getting such fun and cheap finds had some new stuff in the window.  The owner had gone to auction again yesterday, so she was still in the process of unpacking and pricing things.  There was a large box marked "Christmas Items 25 cents each."  This was just begging to be dug through.  Inside the only real treasure that I found was this happy little snowman with a "Made in Japan" sticker on the bottom.  He just seemed to be begging for a happy new life, so home he came and now sits next to the Christmas tree on the opposite side from the Nativity.

I also found this great round ceramic trivet.  It is marked "Wheeling" on the back.  I loved the red, yellow, and black color scheme.  It will be great to have in the kitchen and it was only 59 cents.  By the time that I paid for everything, including tax, I had spent 90 cents - exactly the amount of change in my pocket at the time.  It was meant to be! 

Someday my photography skills will improve to the point that the things will look as good on the blog as they do in real life.  I think this will most likely require a new camera though...

Yay!  It's Wednesday!  It's almost Christmas Break!


  1. Michael, you have discovered a real treasure in this lady. She does all the auction sitting for you, then you get to sail in and spend whatever is in your pocket for the best that she picked up! What a time-saver. :)

  2. Love that trivet! I'm so happy to have found you and your blog and I look forward to many future visits!

  3. Welcome to the blog, vintagelaundress!


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