Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Cul-de-sac Shack Christmas

So, what does the shack look like when it's decorated for Christmas, you may ask?  Well, you probably weren't asking - but I'm going to share anyway!  And the strange thing is, in these pictures that I'm sharing today you will get to see more of the shack than I have shared in all of my other posts combined.  However, since all I got decorated this year was the living room, that's all you'll get to see.  Keep your eye open, almost everything that I have shared in individual posts is somewhere in the room!

In the above photo, you get a good look at most of the living room.  You can see my antique ornaments on the little tree on the Majestic radio, the glitter flocked wreath candle holder on the coffee table, the blow mold Santa, and on the table in the back corner of the room, something I haven't shared.  My little vintage aluminum Christmas tree.  More on it in a bit.


A trip to the little "junk" shop this past Saturday netted a few treasures.  They had all Christmas items 1/2 off, so of course I had to check it out!  I snatched this angel and bells as well as the white and red satin ornaments that I put in the milk glass compote that I had marked to go in the garage sale next spring.  I may need to keep it around now and just store it with the Christmas stuff.

Here is an etched glass container (which I was also going to put in the garage sale) with more of the satin ornaments.  What ever happened to satin ornaments?  They were always so annoying with the way that they would snag and unravel, but they looked so cool with the way that the light would shine on them.

I found my poor little aluminum tree at a garage sale when I was in the either the fifth or sixth grade.  I remember that I paid $5 for it.  It has seen better years, and there are places where the aluminum wrapping on the branches is broken.  I still enjoy putting it out though.  This year I stuck a vintage Santa puppet on it for a topper.

Here's yet another view of the majority of the decorations.  I went through my collection this year and used mostly my vintage decorations and left the newer ones in storage.

The big day is fast approaching, and I still have gifts to wrap.  Hopefully I'll get that done today!


  1. Your living room is just precious--you've decorated with a great deal of taste and you have really gotten some great deals. Merry Christmas (or Mele Kalikimaka as Bing's singing right now) to you!

  2. Your Console makes me jealous! Love your aluminum tree! Someday when im an old rich man, I hope to have a forest of them haha! Merry Christmas Michael!

  3. The aluminum tree evokes "Christmas tree envy" in me! I am looking everywhere for either a white or aluminum VINTAGE (don't want a new one) tree.

    Everybody must want them. They are hard to find.
    Merry retro Christmas to you!


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