Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Roads to Romance: The Santa Cruz Trail

Here is a 1950 Chevrolet clip that was shown before the feature presentation at your local movie theater.  This Technicolor clip features the Santa Cruz Trail and the Land of the Giant Cactus. 

I would love one of those great torpedo-back Chevrolet sedans like you see in this ad!  I think it would look perfect sitting in the driveway of the shack!  I may have to find a vintage 1950s car to park in the garage when I get the house finished.

I'm loving the snow that is still on the ground here, but several people I know would prefer weather like you see in the video!

I'm headed out of town today to do some thrifting in the town I lived in while I was in college.  Strangely, I was only in one of the thrift shops there during the four years that I lived there.  How did that happen?


  1. Just luck, I guess! Hopefully you'll find some good stuff. Happy New Year!!

  2. Just curious....being a Missouri native, what town are you shopping in? Stan

  3. Hey Stan, I hopped the state line into Kansas and went to Pittsburg. Several of the old shops that I always wanted to go to are gone now though. Still managed to get a few good finds, I'm sure there are other shops that I missed - I've been away from there almost 4 years, so I'm not quite up to speed on what is where now.


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