Saturday, December 12, 2009

Copper Chambers Stove

Today seems to be the day for good Craigslist finds!  I love this 1953 copper Chambers Stove!

According to the ad:

"Dimensions: 37"w x 26"d x 36"h. The stove is the copper clad Model 61AC built circa 1953 with the deluxe high back splash. It is missing a handle on the left and from pictures online of refurbished stoves, there was a cover that came down over the left hand griddle that is also missing. The stove was in use and working when it was removed from operaton in 2005. Has been in storage since 2005 and needs to be restored for full beauty."

I would like to note that while the seller states that this stove has the "deluxe high back splash" I do not believe that to be so.  You can view the different models of Chambers stoves at this web site.

You can view the pricing and contact information by accessing the original CL ad here.

1 comment:

  1. Being all copper I would think that would get insanly HOT! but what do I know, haha I settled for a 1954 Electric stove!


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