Monday, December 21, 2009

Lincoln Beautyware Canister Set

I got this great canister set by Lincoln Beautyware this fall at the same estate auction that I got the Sunbeam Mixmaster.  Like many of my purchases at this sale, I picked this set up for $2.  I really like the brown color, even though it doesn't match my kitchen at all (I'm going for a gray/turquoise theme when I redo it).

The shape of the canisters is cool, and I love the wood handles on the chrome lids.  There is a little pitting on the chrome, but I think that would clean up mostly with some chrome polish, I just need to get motivated to get it out and tackle the project.


  1. Those are fantastic! Is the coffee/tea one subdivided or is it just indecisive?

  2. I love these, too, because they remind me of something my grandmother would have had at her house. She had lots of coppertone stuff, it being the seventies and all. Amazing find at $2.00!!!

  3. There is a separate canister for the coffee and for the tea. The canisters are designed to be stackable. All of the canisters could even be put into one tall column, I guess, if you had someplace tall enough for them.


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