Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Think I'll See the USA in this Chevrolet!

I really wasn't planning on doing a CL post today, I really wasn't, I promise.  But, sometimes those plans change.

I was doing my daily search for a vintage gas stove, and came across this ad:

"HERE'S MY STORY - I am an original 1959 - 1 ton Chevy. I was purchased by a man named George Decker. Good ole George purchased me brand spankin new and took me over to the camper people and had a camper built on my back. He was so proud of me, he even put Cadillac fog lights and a Cadillac emblem on my hood. George called me the "Cadillac of Campers".

He equipped me with a complete extra parts store for a 1959 Chevy. I have spark plugs, points, condenser, plugs, wires, radiator cap, thermostat, distributor cap, rotor, extra generator and regulator, extra hose clamps - everything to do an emergency repair.

I am so special in many ways and one of them is that in today's world if you don't have electricity or a generator and your 12 volt battery is dead you would not have any lights. Not me - I have 2 gas lights, one is over the table and one is over the stove and refrigerator area - how's that for special?

He must have liked to talk to other people a lot because he had 2 CB's, one in the cab and one in the camper. I don't know if gas was a problem back then but he equipped me with a regular gas tank and also set me up with the flip of a switch I can switch over to propane.

Me and George ventured out to see the states to the tune of 114,000 miles. By the way, another one of my options is a very handy 10 foot 3/8" rubber credit card. It comes in handy when I run out of gas in the middle of the night.

Well, I am still here but my "good buddy" George passed on after 28 years of a great friendship with many, many good memories. After George passed away, his best friend took me in and kept me in storage for 20 years with all of his vintage fire trucks. Now I am in Missouri with renewed promises of having many more new and great adventures and I've been promised that I can even show off my pink sink, pink stove, pink refrigerator and pink toilet. We're all still original you know! I have been gone long enough that people must think I am new again because they turn their heads like they have never seen anything like me before. When my new buddy parks me, they all come over and look at me like I'm from outer space!

All I am really, is an original, complete, old 1959 Chevy!!! Asking $9,000 or make me a reasonable offer to consider!" 

You can see the original CL ad here and get the contact information if you are interested.

I think this is one of the most amazing mid-century finds I have ever come across!  It combines my two loves: mid-century houses, and antique cars.  I can see myself now, driving to Colorado to spend a few days hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and staying at a campground in Estes Park.  I'm sure that it would get a lot of attention!  It even has all of it's original pink appliances and bathroom fixtures!  How perfect is that?

Wow, I can't believe that it is Thursday!  Where has this week gone?  Have a great day!


  1. Ohhhh it's so sweet!

    We were out in Colorado one vacation, stopped at a dude ranch for a couple of days and the foreman (foreperson? forewoman?) showed us the trailer she lives in during the season. It was a precious vintage travel trailer with all turquoise enamel appliances, including the most adorable little stacked washer and dryer. She couldn't understand why I was crooning to all the darling appliances. (But you already know I'm weird that way.)


  3. Amazing!!!!!!! That would fit right in over at the Casablanca! I almost bought a Little Scotty Serro 13ft 2 years ago, but while I went to the bank to get the money out, the guy sold it ot another person. Fantastic Michael... I think you should invest in it as a "guest house" for the Shack!

  4. Woah. This is most excellent. Great find!


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