Monday, December 7, 2009

Retro Style Kitchen Faucets

Several years ago, I was leafing through a 1950s interior design book, and came a cross a yellow kitchen that I really liked.  I started looking closer at the faucet, because it looked familiar.  It was this Delta model, shown above.  My parents had one just like this in their house that they installed about 10 years ago.  It is the same model that I have in the kitchen here at the shack.  The only difference between mine and the one above and in my parent's house is that mine has the old-style Delta logo.  I wouldn't be surprised if mine is original to the house.  They are built extremely well.  Every once in a while you need to get a rebuild kit for them, but it is fairly straight forward and much less expensive than replacing the faucet.  The above is a model 100-WF.

I really like the Delta 300-WF shown here because it provides a really cool built-in sprayer.  Otherwise, it appears to be the same as the model 100 above.

I think that this Delta model 120 would also be fitting for a mid-century home.  It's clean, simple styling will last for years, after today's brushed satin nickel faucets are out of style.

If you prefer a two handle design, I think that the 2100 model from Delta would do the trick as well.

When I was doing research for this post last week, this model 200 instantly caught my eye.  It's a little chunky, but with great lines that would be fitting for a mid-century kitchen.  Perfect!  When I found it last week it was listed with the other faucets.  When I went back today to get some more information on it, I found that it has since been moved to the "discontinued" area.  Sigh, seems like I'm one step behind yet again.

All of the above faucets are a part of the Delta Classic Collection.

Please note that I am not affiliated with Delta, I have posted these faucets to provide a source to my readers seeking a mid-century period appropriate kitchen faucet.


  1. The top one looks just like mine. Only a LOT shiner....

  2. Hello MM! I found you via Everyone Goes to Mick's! Great blog you have here!

  3. I really dig the last one! I think I could build a whole kitchen around that faucet!


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