Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cheery Napkin Holder

Do you ever come across something that just makes you smile?  Something that really isn't worth anything at all, but makes you feel good, so you know that it needs to be a part of your home?  That's the way that I felt when I found this nice bright yellow napkin holder in a box of other kitchen stuff from an auction here a while back.  The color is great, and the green design is attractive as well.

I searched on Etsy for these, and found several that were the same plastic style, but they all had printed flowers on them instead of the circular design.  I found them in yellow, orange, green, and brown.  Finding them in those colors, I believe that they probably date to the 1970s.

I think this little guy is going to have a new home on my dining table!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hi. That's the sort of item that it seems like plastic was made for -- an attractive, simple, inexpensive, useful little item. I have the same feeling toward a little avocado-and-white plastic nut grinder I have, probably also from the 70s. It makes me smile when I use it, because it is cheap, cute, and useful.

  2. I'm partial to a napkinholder I have that's one of those acrylic things with lots of dried foliage implanted in it, but then I also love my green plastic napkinholder and my white plastic napkinholder and my red metal napkinholder. And now I must find one just like yours cuz it's just tooooo cute!

  3. I believe my grandmother had one of these in the early 70's.. only in green. Awesome find!!


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