Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vintage Stove

At the top of my list for my next big purchase for the house is a new (vintage) kitchen stove.  I seem to find an endless supply of electric models, but gas models in my area are more difficult to come across.  I am open to either a 40" stove or a 30" stove.  My house was built to accommodate a 40" model, but as the years passed, a 30" model was installed and a cabinet was built-in to fill the gap.  I really don't want to lose the storage space, so if I find a 40" model it will need to have some storage in it.  I have found it to be nearly impossible in my searching to find a 30" gas stove from the late 1950s or early 1960s.  My search continues!

Today's stove find is this great 30" electric model manufactured by General Electric.  The owner "thinks" that it needs a new element in the oven.  To say the least, the oven needs work...but for the $60 asking price, I think it would be worth buying it and giving it a shot.  You can view the CL ad here.


  1. Vintage stoves are the best! When they work... I was so lucky to gt mine, I went into a junk shop looking for a rotary dial phone and came out with a 1945 Frigidaire Electric stove! Cant wait to see what you find in a 1958 Gas model!

  2. I just stopped by because I have this exact stove at my house. It is a 1945 model - $60, what a STEAL! I hope it found a happy home, and since this post is from two years ago - I hope you found the range you were looking for!

  3. I have one almost exactly the same. I bought it in 1996 and still use it. Only the clock is not working.


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