Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage Christmas Finds

So, I was driving by the junk shop where I found the pink lamps a couple of days ago, and there, sitting in the front window was this blow mold plastic Santa.  He has a little paint missing from his hands, but he cleaned up well.  He is missing his lite kit, so for now he is only to look at as-is, but I think he's great this way.  He was made in 1973 by Carolina Enterprises, Inc.  He set me back $1.50.

While browsing around in the shop, I discovered this vintage flocked plastic wreath candle holder thing.  It was made in Hong Kong.  I need to go buy a nice big white pillar candle for the middle, and some small candle holders to put around the outside, and I think that it would make a nice advent wreath.

I especially enjoyed this warning tag, which was still attached to the bottom.  This find cost $1.00.  I felt lucky, as I was driving out of town to work that morning, the owner had a U-Haul backed up to the front of the building, unloading more finds.  When I went in to get the Santa, she told me she had been to an auction the day before.  She goes to some kind of auction where everything is sold in bulk lots, packed in laundry carts.  She bought several carts full of stuff, and still hadn't priced it all and put it out when I went the the store in the afternoon.  Sounds like I may need to go back to see what other vintage finds I can get my fingers on!

The rest of these items were in a "mercy bid" box that I got at an auction this fall.  There was a lot of newer Christmas stuff in the box.  The sale had boxes and boxes of Christmas items, all thrown together in big boxes with no order.  I got this box for $1.  These plastic candle holder wreaths look great.

I got several pieces to a vintage Hong Kong plastic nativity set.  Unfortunately, all of the pieces were not there.  I have a feeling that they were thrown in another box of Christmas items.

Someone attached a vintage plastic bell to the neck of this red flocked reindeer.  He has silver glitter on his tail and antlers.  The sticker on his belly says that he was made in Japan.

Of course, I was able to get a vintage miniature plastic Nativity set as well.

This "mercy bid" box was a real jackpot.  This elf, Santa, plastic coal bucket with holly in it, and gold bells were in the box as well.

Lastly in the box were these fun little snowmen.  They are also marked Japan on the bottom.

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Those glittery snowmen from Japan make me think of something that Sonya at Dime Store Thrift would find! She's the queen of glitter. I call her Glitterella! Stan


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