Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Beauty of Mother Nature

I woke up Sunday morning, looked out the window, and saw the most amazing site - we had fog the night before which froze to all of the trees.  The effect was breathtaking!  This large pine tree is across the street from the Shack, and I couldn't help but be reminded of a flocked Christmas tree.  Here are a few more pictures of my neighborhood Sunday morning:

Here is a picture of the little River Birch tree in my front yard.  Not really much to look at, but the yard did look beautiful with the snow, and you can see the two houses that are for sale across the street.

Here's the view looking to the North from my driveway (there's not much to see to the south except for the loop of the cul-de-sac and the back yard of a house on the next street over).  All of the trees in town had the same amazing look.

When I got home from church, the sun was out.  Before it could melt the frost / ice off the pine tree across the street, I had to get one last photo with the blue sky and the sun on the tree.  A little of mother nature's beauty always brightens my day!

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  1. Beautiful! I love it when the fog makes frost and does that to the trees. (Not so much to my windsheild, haha) A few days ago we has a light ice storm and it coated all the trees and when the sun set that day WOW crimson, gold, and violet lit them! : )


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