Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Eat Out in Portland, Oregon

Last Thursday was a stressful day.  I have some big things coming up at work, and the stress was getting to me.  The day ended with a lovely staff meeting that made a lot of people upset.  What's more, I still had a middle school boy's basketball game to attend, and I was helping the Student Council with the concession stand.  I had 45 minutes after the stressful meeting.  I had to get out of the building for a few minutes.

I headed downtown to a little antique shop / flea market to find a prize to make the day better.  What I ended up with was this 1957 cookbook and guide to dining in Portland, Oregon.  Titled "Let's Eat Out in Portland, Oregon" this book was written by Barbara Angell, who you can see in the photo below of the back cover.  For $2.50, it was a great way to brighten up a bad day.

It's not perfect, and as you can see, there are some stains on the back.  This cookbook features several different restaurants in Portland, gives some background information about each one, and provides a recipe or two from each one.  I've taken pictures of a few of the pages to share with ya'll.

First up is Cafe Baron at Hotel Multnomah.  They feature recipes for London Broil.  Also pictured in this photo is The Stirrup Room, which features a recipe for Crab Puffs.

Next up is Ford's at Redmonds' on the Hill.  Recipes featured from this restaurant are Turkey Steak and Rum Pie.

Raleigh Hill's Corral provided recipes for Boston Clam Chowder and Corral Pecan Pie.

Yaw's shared a recipe for Yaw's Chess Pies.

Now I'm getting hungry!  I think my favorite thing about this cookbook is that it provides photos of each of the restaurants.  Some of them are exteriors and some are interiors.  Each one shows great mid-century design.

I've tried to look up several of the restaurants listed in the book, but haven't discovered any that are still in business.  That doesn't mean that some of them aren't still open, I just haven't found them yet.  Please share if you know of any that are still open!

I do know that Ford's at Redmond's on the Hill closed in the early 2000's and that the building was to be raised for a development.  An article that I found online said that the restaurant was moving to a new location, but that's as far as I got.

Here's the complete list of featured restaurants: 1. Amato's  2. Bart's  3. Blue Heaven  4. Cafe Baron (Multnomah Hotel)  5. Chase's  6. Dan & Louis Oyster Bar  7. David's Shore Room  8. Davey's Locker  9. De Vault's Chuck Wagon  10. Encore  11. Ford's at Redmond's on the Hill  12. Henry Thiele's  13. Hillvilla  14. Ireland's  15. Kamm House  16. King's Coffee House (Imperial Hotel)  17. London Grill (Benson Hotel)  18. Mandarin  19. Nendel's  20. New Tokyo  21. Old Country Kitchen  22. Pancake House  23. Poncho's  24. Prime Rib  25. Raleigh Hills Corral  26. River Room (Congress Hotel)  27. Three J's  28. Three Star  29.  Yaw's  30.  Ye Olde Town Crier

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  1. There are alot of bloggers out there in Portland so I'm sure you'll hear from one of them about all these restaurants. What an interesting book find! Most of the recipes sound pretty easy to make and are definitely old-school fattening. Isn't vintage retail therapy a beautiful thing?

  2. That's fun! Our library recently had a few betty crocker cookbooks from the 70's for sale, I was tempted to buy them, but didn't.

  3. These sort of books must have been popular, I have one somewhere that is "Deidre Dines Dallas" with all the hot spots in it.

  4. i do the same thing... a stressful day at work = a trip to the retro store to buy something.

  5. Mick, are you kidding me?? Diedre Dines Dallas??? What happened to Debbie? Okay, sorry Michael, don't delete my post. I just had to ask.

  6. Hello,
    Would you be interested in selling me the book by Barbara Angell? I am doing a charity auction and would love to include it in a collection of historical Portland cooking memorabilia, along with the latest from Leigh Ann Hieronymus, our current "Barbara Angell" in Portland.


    Many thanks,
    Mark Powell


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