Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I managed to get back in town earlier than usual yesterday, and since Tuesday is the day that my favorite little junk shop on the square adds new inventory, I rushed downtown.  I found three treasures:

I liked this little pitcher, someone put a piece of felt on the bottom to keep it from scuffing things.  The felt was starting to peel back a little bit, so I helped it a little.  It was made by Ru Ku in Hot Springs, Ark. in 1964.  I think that the scenes are very attractive.  $2.

Of course, I found another carafe.  I must buy every one of them that she gets in.  This is a small one with the traditional starburst pattern.  This one does still have its original lid.  It's the first small size carafe I've come across.  It was made by Corning.  $1.

Finally I found a bag full of 8 old magazines.  They are all from the 1950s except for the TV Talk which is from 1970.  There's enough eye candy in these magazines to provide me with blog posts for at least two months, probably more!  Of course, I won't just be featuring things from these magazines, but you will be seeing some things from them.  Here's what I got: Family Circle Magazine from September 1953 featuring Lucille and Desi Make a Movie (The Long, Long Trailer - remember when I featured that movie?  It's one of my favorites).  Next, TV Illustrated Magazine from June 1956 featuring Lucille Ball, Groucho Marx, and Ed Murrow.  Complete TV from May 1956 featuring Liberace.  Complete TV from October 1957 featuring James Arness, Gisele MacKenzie, Ernie Ford, and the Lennon Sisters with Lawrence Welk.  Next, TV Radio Mirror from January 1957 featuring Elvis Presley (before he was just called Elvis).  TV Radio Mirror from October 1955 featuring Rosemary Clooney (I thought of you Mick!), John Baragrey, Rosemary DeCamp, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and Lassie.  The American Magazine from August 1955 featuring the Amazing Secret of Walt Disney.  Finally, TV Radio Talk from September 1970, which has the headlines of "Patty Duke Hysterical as Desi Jr. Walks Out!", "Behind Andy & Claudine's Tragic Divorce: What Really Went Wrong With The Couple Who Had Everything!", and "The Forsythe Saga: Private Lives Of Its Most Talked-About Stars."  The whole stack of vintage magazines, in great vintage condition: $3.

Looks like I have some fun reads in my future!


  1. OH MY GOD MICHAEL!!!! What fantastic luck you had! Im not sure abotu you, but hands down id says the "Long Long trailer" one is the best! Seriously it is the most saught after next to the TV guide from 1953 When Lucy had Little Ricky! Rosemary Clooney lol I always think of her singing "come on a my house" and "Sisters" from white Christmas :)

  2. PLEASE share TV Radio Talk from 1970 first! Even though I already know that what was behind Andy & Claudine (Longet)'s divorce was a ski instructor, I still want ALL the scoop. I don't remember that Patty Duke and Desi Arnaz Jr. were an item and I've GOT to know more! I LOVE those old mags.

  3. why can't I find an old Pyrex carafe? Lucky you!

  4. You aren't going to believe this, but I didn't even know what magazines were in that plastic bag until I got home and opened it up. I just saw the date on the one on top was from the 1950s so I picked the bag up! What luck!

  5. Loved this post. It reminds me of my mother-in-law, Helen, now in her late 80s and in an assisted living place. She used to have -- STILL has -- a crush on Tennessee Ernie Ford and Lawrence Welk, two of the "hotties" featured on your magazines. She's as prim and proper as Aunt Bea, but she still loves to watch reruns of her "Larncie," as she calls Lawrence Welk. She also listens to her gospel CDs by Tennessee Ernie every day.


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