Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Finds

Warning!  This post is image intensive.  If you're on dial-up, it's gonna take a while!

So, here's what I found this weekend.  All of the items except one came from an estate garage sale I went to.  The last item came from the antique store / flea market that I posted about yesterday.

Let's start with the worst, it can only get better from here!

This sale had everything in boxes and flats, and in order to purchase one thing from the box or flat, you had to take the whole thing.  Guess that's one way to get rid of stuff!  Above's a picture of a bunch of stuff that will be finding its way into my next garage sale.  Seems like the pile for that sale just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

So, yesterday when I shared the neat little pair of vintage lamps that I was able to pass up I mentioned that I fought off my lamp collecting syndrome to make sure they didn't come home with me.  Well, I was unsuccessful earlier in the day.  Hi, my name is Michael, and I'm a compulsive lamp collector.  This brass desk lamp has a metal shade and is in really good shape.  I snatched it up for a dollar.  Still not sure what to do with it.  My desk isn't big enough for it or I would already be putting it to good use!

The hangers have come off the back of these old brass wall plates.  I'll have to figure out another way to hang them - probably with those hanger things that you use to hang regular plates on the wall.   I couldn't pass them up - I have a photo of my Grandma's house where she has a pair of these hanging over her sofa (with another picture).

Vintage Pyrex carafe.  I think my compulsion to purchase these when I come across them rivals my lamp compulsion.  This one is hard to see, but it has a sun and stars pattern on it.  Unfortunately, the lid is missing.

This pink hand-held Dormeyer mixer wasn't about to go home with anybody else!  It still runs, but one of the beaters won't turn.  I'll have to investigate the situation a little further.

Haeger 231 planter in white.

Great blue Calart Creations planter.

Some "made in Taiwan" oil paintings.

And a vintage chenille bedspread - twin size, I believe.  It has a couple of thin spots in it, but hey, it was a good deal.  Most likely will end up as a cutter for a lady I know who makes them into stuffed animals.

All of the stuff above cost $5.50.  Now there's a deal.  Now I just have to deal with the extra unwanted stuff!

Finally, here's what I picked up at the antique store:

Another planter!  Add this to the list with the lamps and the carafes - I'm getting too many!  But wait, it's more than a planter!

It's a 1950s TV lamp planter.  I love the green color (green is my favorite color!).  This is my first TV lamp.  Even though it isn't one of those cool sculptural ones like I shared yesterday, I like that this one combines with my growing collection of planters.  I couldn't pass it up when I saw the price: $5.  Now, I have to figure out how to move my CD player, speakers, DVD player, VCR, digital converter box, and the RF modulator to have a fitting place for it!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Michael, I'm just amazed at those finds--not just because you got them for cheap, but because they are exactly the kinds of things I'D aim for! Since you're a planter fan, whenever you find a planter marked Floraline, be sure to buy it. It's McCoy, it's from the 60's, and it's affordable (because many people don't realize it was made by McCoy). It's very plain, though, since it was created for use by companies like Teleflora and FTD. Love that TV lamp!!

  2. Wow you got some great stuff at fantstic prices! I also feel I need to say "Hi, Im Mickey and I too am a compulsive collector of Lamps, Planters, & glasses" Your Tv Lamp is cool! You've persuaded me to the point, where now I WANT a tv lamp! Since the den is a 50's sterotype, I may as well have it all haha! Im going to do it with out shopping ebay. So it will be either the "Panther" or the "Drama faces" which ever turns up first.

  3. Whoa..a tv lamp planter? That's so cool..

  4. *sigh* vintage pyrex crafe. I love it.

  5. Wow, this is the first I have heard of a TV lamp planter. How cool. I collect plant holders as well as green bowls like the one in your top photo -- I started collecting both years ago because they are cheap and they can hold all sorts of things. And is that a glass pie plate in the top photo? I collect cheap pie plates because they also hold something -- pie! Nothing like pie. Hey, let us know when you have your yard sale, so we can show up and buy your castoffs!

  6. Very cool finds! I myself have a similar Corning carafe with the stars pattern. It was my granmothers', so we still have the lid.

  7. What is in the cardboard box next to the chopper?

    And correct me if I'm wrong, Mick, if you're reading this, but that pink shell dish seems to me that it might look good at The Casablanca Hotel & Resort. For some reason, I'm kinda' partial to that amber apple with the golden stem. (That's what it is, right?)

    Michael, you'd better give us much advance notice of your garage sale!


  8. sumacsue - the little green bowl is one of those things that floral centerpieces come in from the greenhouse, the pie plate is Pyrex - but I already have around four of them, and I don't even make pies.

    Stan - the cardboard box is a Christmas ornament (modern). The apple plate is a copper colored metal with gold stem. It's also modern - the price tag is still on the back - someone gave $15 for it.

  9. I was at our local thrift yesterday and found THE MOST ENORMOUS lamp base that's a sculpture of 3 owls and has a space for a plant. An owl planter lamp. Each owl has scary green eyes. I almost picked it up to send to you as a booby prize, but then I hefted it. It must weigh 40 pounds. Solid plaster of Paris. No way. :)


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