Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sofa Hunting on CL

First up, I love this black sectional.  I'm fairly certain that it's from the 50s, but the seller doesn't say.  The only problem is that it has the huge rip in the curved section.  I guess you could put a table where the curved section goes instead.  Definitely worth the $25 asking price.  Too bad it's too far away for me to be able to look at!  You can view the original posting here.

How about this beautiful sofa and chair set?  I love the beautiful green fabric.  It's an amazing deal at $150 for the set.  You can see the CL posting here.

I would say that this fun set is probably from the late 60s or the 70s.  The wood trim adds interest to them, as does the design in the fabric.  The asking price for the sofa and love seat as a set is $90.  View the CL posting here.

I LOVE this bright yellow vinyl sofa!  It would definitely stand out in a room.  I see it much as the seller has it, in a room that is dominated in white and black with the bright yellow sofa as the focal point in the room.  It's been on CL for a couple of weeks now, so it may not still be available.  Asking price is $400.  View the CL posting here.

Finally, I am still in love with Heywood Wakefield.  This set consists of a sofa and two matching arm chairs.  I like the contrast between the black cushions and the wood.  This set is a little higher at $1200, and definitely out of my price range, but it is beautiful to look at!  You can see the original CL posting here.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. The Yellow one makes me smile and laugh inside, (I think when grandma passes im going to recover the couch and chair im getting in Turquoise....who knows haha) I also cant wait to see MaryD's comment she will be all over the H.W. couch and chair! IM also pretty sure that Black sectional is sitting out on someones dock near the Casablanca, Its junk now but you could tell it was to die for!

  2. I'm with Mick, the yellow one is my favorite--it would make me happy every time I went into the room!

  3. When I was a kid, we had a sectional similar to that first example. Ours was in dark brown, with arm rests at both ends, and a little pleat at the bottom for a colonial look. The sectional got faded in the sunlight, so Mom tried to fix it with fabric dye. The result was sort of blotchy, so the sectional ended up in the family room in the basement. We'd curl up on that couch with afghans made by my grandma, and watch TV. An afghan would be just the thing to cover up the rip on that sectional!


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