Sunday, February 21, 2010


I hear voices in the distance,
But my heart is in resistance,
Trying to discern and learn the heart of the One for whom my heart burns.
Raising against lies of the enemy,
Claiming darkness the greater reality.
But there's something bigger than you and me,
Bigger than what I can see:
A city on a hill calling life to those who follow.
Healing and wholeness for those who sorrow.
Who holds the stars in His hand?
Built His temple in mortal man?
Called dry bones to rise and stand?
In the beginning was the Word,
The Word became flesh,
Darkness is history, that's the rest.
Who is like the Lord?
Who shows unfailing love to the undeserving,
Holy God and humbleness serving.
Those who mocked and crucified Him.
Dead, buried, rising again!
And us with Him!
Singing with Him in heavenly places
Higher than these earthly spaces.
It is finished, the ransom paid, foundation laid,
New hope, new life, it's a brand new day!

I'm home!  What an amazing experience this weekend.  I had such an uplifting time being able to help chaperon our church youth trip to Acquire the Fire in Kansas City at Kemper Arena (except for that fact that I hate navigating through cities - I was born in a small town for a reason :) ). 

The above band, Unhindered, was the main worship band, and I love their music.  The text above is the spoken part from the beginning of the song Who is Like the Lord.  Enjoy!

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