Friday, February 26, 2010

Movie Friday: Fried Green Tomatoes

I find myself questioning my vintage movies for Friday.  This movie is truly a classic in my opinion, one of my favorite feel-good movies of all time.  It will soon be 20 years old.  Vintage? No. Classic? Yes.

My favorite scene from the whole movie is when Evelyn rams her big Ford LTD Crown Victoria into the little VW Bug convertible after the two young ladies steal her parking place.  I used to own one of those big old Ford LTD's - a few years newer than the one in the movie, same body with the newer style grille, and I often wanted to slam it into another car as well, it was the worst car I have ever owned.  100,000 miles and the transmission and motor needed to be replaced...GRR!!! 

Back to the movie.  This movie will forever be a classic, as well as the book that it was based on.  If you haven't read the book, I would recommend it.  (Maybe I should add a book recommendation day to the blog...).

It's the story of two sets of ladies, living at different times.  Evelyn Couch (Kathy Bates) is going through the mid-life blues when she meets Ninny (Jessica Tandy) at a nursing home.  As the two ladies get to know each other better, Ninny reveals a story of two ladies from the past, Idgie Threadgoode (Mary Stuart Masterson) and Ruth Jamison (Mary-Louise Parker).  Through the stories of the strength and courage of Idgie and Ruth, Evelyn emerges from her mid-life slump and makes a bond with Ninny.  It's an uplifting story.

On a more controversial note about the movie, it glosses over some of the controversial themes in the book, mainly that the relationship between Idgie and Ruth was more than just friendship.  And that's as far as I'm going to go with that.  Want to know more?  Read the Wikipedia article here.

And remember, there's always Towanda!


  1. tee hee, i think of that kathy bates scene crashing her car into the VW all the time - whenever i want to do the same thing. perhaps before i die, i will get to say, "face it. i'm older and i have more insurance." :)

  2. This Movie is great! "Are you a politician, or does Lying just run in your family?" Whats cool is in the town of Electra (about 20 min from here) named "The Whistle Stop" and It was there before the movie~!
    Dont worry about your vintage movies! When the Drive in Opens March 15th I post the movies on facebook every thursday/friday we can steal movies/ theme ideas from eachother haha!


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