Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Treasure Hunting

So, Saturday I got out of town and went to an estate garage sale (where I ended up with more than I wanted due to the way that they were selling things) and an antique mall / flea market.

The things that I'm sharing today are from the antique / flea market.  This store had some really good inventory.  There was even one whole booth dedicated solely to mid-century stuff, and it was a big booth, one of the biggest in the store.

Here's what I found, that didn't come home with me.  Sorry for the photo quality - my cell phone doesn't do the best, but you get the idea.

This great pair of lamps was, I believe, $10 (I've slept since then).  Very interesting, and I had to fight my lamp buying compulsion, but I succeeded.  I just came home with the picture of them.

I loved this swivel rocker.  The fabric was perfect, not a flaw anywhere.  It was very comfortable too.  When I lifted the seat cushion to see if there was a manufacturer's tag I even found that it still had the original matching arm covers and head rest cover, also in excellent shape (I didn't find a manufacturer's tag though).  Now, while I loved this chair, I don't need another vintage chair.  I need a couch.  Especially since I just bought that great mid-century Kroehler chair last week.  I hope that this gold rocker finds a good, loving mid-century minded home though.  Asking price: $70.

This is where some of my photos didn't turn out too well (they looked good on the little screen on my phone though).  This is a black panther television lamp.  I believe that it was priced around $30.  Great deal.

This one's for Mick.  This lovely lady is also a television lamp.  She wasn't very photogenic though, as you can see.  Too bad, she was really neat.  She's at the large booth filled with mid-century finds.  I can't remember her price for sure, but it was somewhere in the $45 - $50 range.  Sorry, I don't know how much the cool little poodle tray behind her was, I just noticed it while writing this post.  Wonder how many other potentially great finds I miss?

There was a pair of these great doors.  I'm sure that they hung next to each other for a double wide doorway.  No door handles on either one.  Maybe they came out of a mid-century church, or something similar.  I don't get the feeling that they came out of a house.  They were priced at $45 each.

Finally I found a pair of vintage barkcloth pinch pleat drapes.  They had great colors in the pattern, purples, grays and greens on the off-white background.  Another thing that I can't remember the price on for sure, but I think they were in the $40 - $50 range.

Stay tuned tomorrow and I'll share some of the things that I found for myself (and I'll even include a picture of all the stuff that will have to go in my next garage sale thanks to that estate sale).

Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. I love BOTH the Tv Lamps haha! I need to go hunting soon.

  2. Those doors are beautiful. I love barkcloth as well.

  3. Could you please go back and get that poodle tray? And then send it to me. Thank you. Your pal, Vintage Christine

  4. great doors. I dig the lamp too, the teal one. I have way too many lamps to get any more now. I like to make sure that every thing I find will actually be used, not just sit somewhere. It got to the point that I was using lamps in spots that didn't need lamps. OH WELL. who cares. I LOVE thrifting.

  5. I think the panther lamp is Haeger, designed by Royal Hickman... I have the 14-inch planter version in my shop. Never seen a lamp before.


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