Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Couple More Junk Shop Finds

Every Monday, the lady at the little junk shop I frequent goes to auction to get new stuff for her store.  I usually try to make it in on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I made it in on Wednesday this week.  I found two things on the 25 cent table.


I found this vase, which I feel is most likely older than mid-century.  It is somewhere in the area of 6 to 7 inches tall.  I didn't clean it up before taking the pictures, but the white stuff on the rim will come off.  Does anybody know anything about who might have made this, or how old it might be?  There are no markings on it.

Here are a couple of other views:

And now, the reason that it was on the 25 cent table:

There is a decent sized chip on the rim.  Sigh.  I still felt that it was worth the 25 cents.  I can just display it with the chip to the back.

I also found this great little salt and pepper shaker set, which I think will go perfectly with the little yellow plastic napkin holder I shared a while back.

Have a great Thursday!  Friday is almost here!  (And I'm looking forward to Friday's movie this week!)

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  1. A quarter.....they are definitely worth a quarter. Maybe the chipped vase you can find the right kind of colored marker and fill it in a little bit so it's not so white and obvious.

    Great finds!

  2. Ohhh, too bad about the chip but your solution to put that side to the wall is one I use all the time! The vase is certainly 1940s style and it's beautiful. Sometimes companies such as Weller (which this sort of looks like) made their impressions so faint that you have to hold them "just so" to be able to see them. Oh, well, just enjoy it along with those darling shakers!

  3. Is the vase heavy or light? If super light id say the late 30's if a little heavy then like Chris said the 1940's provably.

  4. Nice. Chip and all. You could call it Chippenmichael China. It's a one of a kind.

  5. Mick, it is quite heavy for it's size.

    LOL @ Midcenturymadam for "Chippenmichael" ;)


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