Monday, August 30, 2010

1960 Cadillac

Good morning, class.  I hope that you all had a restful weekend!  This morning, to start the day we have a filmstrip!  Yes, I knew that you would be excited!  Mick, would you please turn the filmstrip advance knob on the projector when you hear the beep?  Thank you.  Christine, would you please turn off the lights?  Thanks.  Maria, please start the record player and put the needle on the record!  You are such great students!

Class, I hope you all enjoyed this special treat!  Your assignment is to tell me which classic car you would like to see sitting in your driveway.  Now, it's time for recess!


  1. LOL

    Hey I was actually a member of the AV Club in elementary school.

    And I'll take the brougham, please.

  2. IN the HomeEc class I took senior year we had this projection device (It was NOT a regular projector) and the teacher asked me to turn the knob to advance the slide, and I burnt the CRAP out of my hand... She said she'd bought it at the school auction and the newest slide in the reel was "A Betty Crocker Cake Mix" dated 1951.

    Cool videos! Makes me wanna buy a Caddy my watered down lincoln will have to do!

  3. Awesome! Cheesy, just enough to make me really want that car! Zootsuitmama


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