Sunday, August 1, 2010

Missouri Love

Even though this song is from a woman's perspective, I feel like it completely sums up how I feel about living in Missouri.  Especially the chorus.  I have yet to find a place in all of my travels that gives me the feeling of when I travel in this state.  I think it's the people.  They just make you feel at home.

Sara Evans

Missing Missouri

I love my life, love my husband
Without those kid's, man I ain't nothin'
I love my fans, love my band
Love my little Tennessee piece of land
Sometimes my life can get so hectic
Out of the blue when I least expect it
Somewhere between the hubbub and the drama
I get to thinkin' bout mama and

I'm caught up in missing Missouri
'Cause I wanna be with my family
Instead of stuck out on this road I'm on
Everytime my bus wheels hit the boot hill
There's no limelight and I'm alright
'Cause I'm almost home
Where they love me, where they know me
Where they show me back in Missouri

The road just ain't no place for whiners
It's motels, truck stops, all night diners
Hoping that your song'll sell
And having to smile when it ain't doin well
So when everything just gets to much
And I feel like I'm givin up
I close my eyes and say a little prayer
And its like I'm there and


Late summer nights sneakin out the window
Me and the girls driving down the backroads
Tobacco fields and bumblebees
And the Cardinals playing on TV

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  1. Everyone should be so fortunate as to get to live in a place they love. And, then, to get to listen to a good country song that sums it all up. One of the best parts about living in Kentucky is that there are lots of musicians from here, who sings songs about the place. I like this song by Dwight Yoakam, about people who leave Kentucky and head north to Ohio on Rt 23 -- that's the story of my family, and is why I was born in Ohio. But, my parents moved to Kentucky when I was a kid, and I've been here ever since.

    Anyone else have a song about where they live?


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