Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some of My Favorite Pyrex Patterns...

...can be found in these listings!

Thought this would be a fun way to close Pyrex Week.  Have a great weekend!

Please note - I am not affiliated with any of the sellers in the above listings nor do I receive any financial benefit (or any other benefit) for sharing these with you.


  1. Great slide show. My mom gave me her old set of primary color mixing bowls. At some point, the red bowl had been broken, and Mom had found the right sized bowl to replace it. But it is a weird, sort of army green color, instead of red. It is Pyrex. Does your Pyrex Love book show a mixing set with a weird green bowl in it? I keep meaning to find a red bowl, but, the army green bowl works just fine.

  2. Michael, will next week be Glasbake Week? Please? :)

    My Pyrex book seems to have mislaid itself, as it's not where it belongs, but JKaye, Pyrex used the same basic shapes and made them in many different colors as styles changed.

  3. JKaye, I believe that your strange green mixing bowl may be from the Verde color set. You can see a couple of the bowls from the set at the Pyrex Love website at the address below.

  4. Thanks Michael for the slide show. I will check out the pyrexlove site....just purchased a few pieces of pyrex this A.M. at a yard sale....including a rolling pin in it's original box no less. Never came across one before. Know anything about it?


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