Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Restored Lamp

I purchased this lamp at a garage sale when I was much younger for 50 cents.  The original blond finish was flaking off of it badly and it had to be completely stripped.  Working with my grandfather, who passed away almost 11 year ago (my how time flies!) we sanded it down, cleaned up the brass post (which needs to be done again) and refinished the wood.  I really wanted a true blond finish, but at that time that materials weren't available to me to achieve that finish, so I went with a natural finish on the wood.  I've thought about redoing it again, but since it was a project with my grandfather, I think that I'll leave it as is.

The lamp now lives in my old bedroom at Mom and Dad's house with the Heywood Wakefield bedroom set.  A great place for it, in my opinion!


  1. Nice place for it! It compliments the bedroom set, a perfect match!

  2. Really nice job, definitely looks great with the Heywake set.

  3. How great to have not just memories of your grandpa, but something tangible to remember the time you spent with him. The lamp is so interesting and looks good in the room. I like the lighter wood next to the golden of the Wakefield. And that paint color looks better and better each time I see it!

  4. I have a thing for lamps and that one is beautiful. Even better that it comes with such sweet memories of you and your Grandpa.


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