Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glasbake / Fire King Week, Day 4: Odds and Ends

Can someone please fill me in as to what this grape design Fire King piece is supposed to be used for, other than the cabinet filler that it has been for quite a while?  I'm thinking that it might be a planter, but I'm not convinced that filling it with soil for a little plant would be too attractive - too much light travels through this milk glass.

Fire King mugs and cups!  I love the colorful mugs on the left, especially the front two that I got at that auction last Saturday!

A close up of the Fire King cups from the above photo.  They'll look nice on the three saucers that I have in the following pattern, even though it is different.  Who says I can't mix and match?

Here's a better picture of the Jadite cup that I also purchased at that auction last Saturday.

I like the fun hen and rooster pattern on this Glasbake mug.  Another find from the sale last Saturday.

Finally, a set of 7 Fire King ramekins or custard cups.  I'm thinking that creme brulee is sounding pretty good!

Thanks for hanging around during Glasbake / Fire King Week!  I think that pretty much wraps up all of my bakeware now!  Come back tomorrow for Movie Friday!


  1. Is the square container small enough to be used for sugar packets (like in a diner)? Otherwise I would say it's a relish dish.

  2. I'm gonna guess (GUESS, mind you) that it's florist glass - FK made a lot of that. You know those ubiquitous hobnail vases? Florist glass. Made by the bazillions for the florist trade. Like this:
    or this:

    I can see your white thingie with one of those green blocks of florist foam in it and a floral arrangement.

  3. BTW, love the custard cups. They were still making that shape years later, because my father-in-law, who used to drive a truck for Anchor Hocking, had some of the same form in a smoked glass.

  4. The first piece would make a nice candy dish or a 'cut flower' vase.....all you would need is an oasis insert and presto! A beautiful arrangement!

  5. Maria, I apologize. I never read comments until I finish mine. Otherwise, I'd have nothing to say.


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